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Valarie at Hands That Care provides you with outstanding service along with a total Body, Mind, and Spirit of Relaxation.  I has been a Licensed Professional Massage Therapist since 2012.  Please when scheduling select the amount of time you want and then add the addons that you want. 


Thanks for visiting Hands That Care by Valarie!

                                                I will be closed from June 15- 22nd 



Notice: As of June 1st 2023 I will be charging a 3.5% convenience charge for all credit card/ dedit card transactions. 


Do you have tight shoulders?

A stiff neck?

Aching back?

Do you have trouble relaxing?

Trouble sleeping?

Your mind working overtime?

Are you stressed out?


Hands that care, can help you ease those troubled spots for you. Schedule your appointment today. 

Benefits of a Massage Include

Stress reduction

Deep relaxation

Eases muscle aches & pains

Stimulates immune system

Helps to cope with emotional pressures

Pregnancy Massage

Revitalizes Body, Mind, & Spirit

We Provide Relaxation of


Swedish/Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Relaxing Pregnancy Therapy

Cupping Massage

Bamboo Massage

SMRT Massage

SMRT Lymphatic drainage

SMRT Scar tissue release

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